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"Rebecca is one of the best event photographers I've ever worked with. She always manages to be in the right place at the right time, and is brilliant at snapping candids that capture the spirit of our conference attendees and speakers." 

    - Leigh Stein, creator of Out of the Binders LLC
      & Bindercon, an all-women literary conference


"Although I am an actor and LOVE to be filmed, having photos taken is a whole different ballgame. Getting headshots done has often been a stressful and scary experience, but Rebecca really put me at ease. She made me feel confident, beautiful, talented -- and we had fun! You can see it in the shots, I look like myself, not like a "posed actor." Highly recommend, would do again!" - Liz, headshot client

"Rebecca, it was truly a pleasure shooting with you. I felt so calm and relaxed and peaceful! You have a soothing presence about you. It's so helpful to loosen people up. You have such a gift ♡" - Taja, portrait client

"Rebecca was able to capture the many aspects of our wedding day effortlessly and deftly. She came up with perfect ideas for portraits and caught those special moments between my partner and I. She was there and not there it seemed! I am impressed by how she capitalized on natural light since our venue was shadowy at times. All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better photographer!" - Amanda, wedding client