Family Portraits

children and art


I have a natural connection to babies and kids! I had a very unique upbringing, as all three of my parents were school educators. (Yes, all three!) Growing up, I spent plenty of days in other kids' classrooms, helping my mom or other teachers with grading papers, teaching arts and crafts, and herding kindergarteners. As an adult, I've never stopped being involved with kids and children's programs, and I have worked as a babysitter and tutor for many years.

Due to my unique experience, I know how to capture kids in a way that doesn't make them self-conscious or extra-performative for the camera - just as themselves, in that wonderful everyday light that you see them in. Every child has a light inside them, and I want to bring that out in my pictures for you.

I love working with all kinds of families! I prefer the lifestyle photography style, which is documentary-like, not posed, and candid. Family members of all ages respond well to this style -- you get to be comfortable, and no one has to worry about "performing" for the camera. As I talk to your family and encourage the kids to play, moments start to bloom naturally!

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