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Concerts & Theatre



When I started my photography career, I was taking pictures of concerts for the New University (UCI) and OC Weekly concert reviews. I was a college student and didn't have much money, but I saved up just enough for a Canon Powershot and started clicking away. With that very basic camera and a passion for music and artistic expression, I taught myself so much about composition, working with the light in any given venue, and the fundamentals of post-processing. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for concert photography!

Although concerts are not my main bread and butter anymore, I still love to shoot them.

Here is a recent concert that I shot for the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Tour:

And here's a collection of concert shots throughout the years:


I also have a strong theatre background! One of my degrees is in Drama, and I took a Meisner acting program when I first moved back to Hollywood. I think having a foundation in live theatre has given me a great intuition for my photography. I've taken both live and promo shots for plays, sketch shows, drama classes... take a look!