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Boston trip

Took a trip to Boston! It was delightful -- we had never been before, and cousins in Connecticut asked us to come visit for the summer, so we decided to make a little East Coast tour.

Oh man, the food was incredible. I ate so much good Italian food and seafood. Clam chowder, lobster, you name it! We had the best lobster rolls EVER at this place called Alive & Kicking Lobsters, which appears to be run by a handful of nice old neighborhood guys out of a residence. When we hit the road, we got pizza in Mystic -- because of course, we had to! -- but not at Mystic Pizza (a real restaurant with apparently decent pizza), but a nearby pizza place called Pizzetta (which had a wonderful margherita pizza). The picture to the right of the pizza is of the interior of Aeronaut Brewery, which was hip but not pretentious at all.

We got to visit with our friends John and Lucy, who hosted us brilliantly with wine, roasted vegetables, and plenty of warm conversation. John's a fellow photographer who does fantastic candid and street photography; I love how immediate and personal his work is.

One of the highlights of our trip was visiting Hull, an extremely tiny island town close to Boston that reminded us of Cabot Cove from "Murder She Wrote." Except... rustier! We spent a good afternoon at an earthy local dive bar, which I couldn't possibly name; it wasn't even listed on Yelp, so I'd like to keep it a little local secret!