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My name is Rebecca Aranda. I'm a Latina artist, born and raised in Southern California.

I have been a photographer for over a decade, and I have extensive experience in taking, selecting, editing and curating photos. My photos have been published in publications like Buzzfeed, OC Weekly, Pandodaily, and The Guardian; displayed in art shows at ALLMOST Studio (Mid-City), Junior High Gallery (Hollywood), and the Las Fotos Project "Viva La Muxer" festival (East LA); and have been posted and used frequently across corporate and personal websites.

Since 2012, I have been working primarily with portraits and event photography. In the past year, I have been shooting more weddings and families, and I'm glad to be getting more of those opportunities! My wedding photography website is here:

I love working with color and light, and my favorite photos are candid and natural. You can see when someone looks comfortable in their own skin, and I try to bring that out in my clients as much as possible: their inner life and confidence. My photography is not typical, as I prefer to shoot in a documentary-like, realistic style, inspired partly by filmmakers like John Cassavetes and Agnes Varda. If that excites you too, I want to work with you!

I operate out of east Los Angeles and am willing to travel absolutely anywhere.

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I’ve never been more comfortable in a photoshoot before
— portrait client